Walletmio Facebook Page is live

In order to keep our valued clients involved and informed, we have been launched the Facebook page for our Walletmio store. We are convinced that this additional source of information will make the purchases more informed and more efficient. You can access the Facebook walletmio page here.

News and updates about the products

With the commitment to our clients to provide superior service, we will be not only posting information about the products, but we will also add valuable information about the materials, how the accessories are produced, what is the technology behind creating design, durable and valuable products.

Discounts and sales

The Walletmio team will be publishing on the Facebook page information about discounts and sale offerings to allow clients to benefit from special product offerings. This will bring special products in front of the audience and create the link between special days of the year and products. For Fathers day or Valentines day, perfectly picked present will spark more love in the eyes of the one who receives the present.

Access from the Walletmio Homepage

For zour convenience, you can access the Facebook page also directly from the wallet Mia homepage. At the bottom there is a direct link.

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